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Why are Fuked Up Products So Cheap?

Why are are Fuked Up products so cheap? 

We understand, you may be a little concerned that our prices are incredibly low. The truth is. We focus on moving massive amounts of volume.

While some companies keep their product price point high, we find that by offering the best pricing we don’t make as much per transaction, but we sell a lot more volume. 

Ask yourself. Would you rather make 70% of $100 or 30% of $1,000

70% would be $70 in profit with a customer paying retail price.

But by offering affordable pricing we sell 10 times more product. 30% of $1,000 is $300 in profit. 

Our motto, has always been to make quality hemp products that are affordable for everyone.

So please don’t be concerned by our low prices.

But please do tell your friends. 

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