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HexaHydroCannabinol (HHC)

HHC is THC in its most stable form because it is heat and UV-resistant and offers a longer shelf life than THC. HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol. It is a hydrogenated form of THC that you can get in various isomers. An isomer is when two compounds have the same formula but different arrangements.  

 By saturating the THC molecule with hydrogen atoms, we can extend the shelf life of our HHC vape cartridge without affecting its profile of effects. HHC is naturally occurring, but we need to make it great enough to be Fuked Up quality.

So, we enhance the effects of HHC in our lab using high-quality materials. Our process is simple and brings you quality effects. First, we remove the double bonds in THC’s chemical structure. A double bond is where two atoms meet and connect with an electron. 

Then, we break the double bond and replace it with hydrogen. Because we break the bond, the structure of HHC is the exact opposite of a CBN molecule. CBN forms as THC breaks down and then gains double-bonds. The difference in the chemical make-up of the molecules is subtle. It changes the ability of the molecule to bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors. It becomes easier and increases the effects of HHC. It’s one of a few reasons HHC is better than THC.  

As a result of this process, we can bring you products that are guaranteed to get you Fuked Up and have a long shelf life. When we saturate the chemical structure, it becomes stronger and doesn’t break down as easily.  In comparison, Delta 9 is the most abundant, naturally occurring form of THC, but it doesn’t last. Over time it loses its potency with exposure to oxygen.

As this happens, the THC loses its hydrogen atoms and forms double bonds. So, as you can guess, it turns into CBN, which doesn’t do a good job of getting you Fuked Up.

So, what are the effects of HHC?

The effect is like THC. After using the vape, you’ll experience feelings of euphoria and stimulation, altered visual and auditory perception, and psychoactive headspaces. The result is like Delta 8 THC because you will have increased relaxation with slight stimulation. HHC is more potent than Delta-8, so if you want to have a stronger hit, our HHC cartridge is what you’re looking for.

The potential benefits of HHC are:

  • Help managing chronic pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Deeper sleep that prepares you for the next day
  • A decrease in anxiety

The biggest and known benefit to getting HHC is the long shelf life that we can offer by breaking the bonds in THC. In doing this, we greatly increase the stability of our products. So, you can buy in bulk and not expect a reduction in potency.

Is HHC legal and safe?

HHC is fully federally legal, and 38 states allow you to possess it. Since HHC does not come from Delta 9, it is not illegal. If it did, it would still be legal because it contains less than 0.3% THC. The fascinating cannabinoid has earned a high reputation for acting like its illegal counterpart. HHC is a legal psychoactive compound that will get your Fuked Up when you vape it.

Many people mistake HHC for being illegal because it gets you high. However, most lawmakers haven’t created legislation surrounding the compound. Most of them don’t even know it exists. It has many benefits, so it will likely remain legal in states when legislation is introduced.

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, any product derived from hemp is legal if it contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. So, the cannabinoid – and our product, are federally protected. Likewise, our product is not an analog of THC.

 It likely leaves you thinking, will it get me Fuked Up? If it didn’t, we wouldn’t be selling it. HHC is derived from hemp, so it is legal to possess at the federal level. HHC has been estimated to be 20% less potent than THC, but other studies show that it can be more potent. The potency of the product will depend on the retailer. So, if you want excellent, high-quality HHC – buy from us.

Our HHC Vape Tank

Since HHC is new, the confusion around safety often misleads people. However, if the HHC you consume undergoes a high quality and rigorous process, it can be safe. The advantage of buying an HHC vape cartridge from Fuked Up is the testing. Our HHS is made in a GMP-certified lab that follows strict health and safety protocols. We only bring clean and safe products to market.

We make HHC vape products because it has a faster absorption rate when compared to edibles. You will begin to have the positive effects of euphoria within a few minutes. You’ll need a 510 thread device, which we sell.

Our HHC products contain non-detectable levels of THC. However, we cannot ensure that you will pass a drug test after using our products. We cannot vouch for the testing that you could undergo. What we can do is vouch that our product contains extremely low levels of THC.

 We do not recommend using our HHC vape tank if you are drug tested at work, even though the effects are marvelous. Our cartridge works with any standard, 510 threaded vape battery. We made this product to last and withstand oxidization, but you should still store it in a dry, cool place away from light when not in use.

 You can choose from a few flavors in Indica or Sativa dominant and hybrid strains. Our Cherry Kush hybrid is a popular hybrid strain with medical patients because of its relaxation and euphoric effects. We have many flavors to choose from, and we are sure you can find something you like.

No matter the strain you choose, HHC is great for people who want to get Fuked Up like they’re smoking a THC-rich flower. 

Try our HHC T

To help you better understand the effects of our HHC, we need to talk a bit more about science. The psychoactive forms of THC are directly related to the number of carbons in the chain. More carbons mean the substance has higher psychoactive potency.

HHC has five carbons, so that makes it fall somewhere between Delta 8 and Delta 9 Hexahydrocannabinol is a potent intoxicant and its effects last for a long time. In plain English, that means that you can get Fuked Up and stay that way for a while. 

We can tell you two simple reasons to buy HHC from us that sum up this page. First, many places make HHC that does not have rigorous testing standards. The benefit of buying with us is the lab testing we do. We sell you a quality product that is safe and legal.

The next big benefit comes from our lab testing. We have a great selection of HHC vape cartridges, and customer reviews and our lab tests back up the quality. Some companies scam you and sell products that aren’t fit for human consumption. They can make you feel great but might harm you. We don’t do that.

If you want to try HHC, then our cartridges are the right choice. Every review on our page is five stars, a testament to our quality testing standards. Currently, we are working to produce a certificate of analysis for our HHC products. Since the product is new, we are developing a baseline for HHC purity.

We hope to have this completed in the near future. When we have this, we can start to determine the purity of each product we offer. Until then, we can guarantee that our product is being used to create a baseline for purity. So, you can purchase and enjoy our product. Have fun getting Fuked Up safely.

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