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Lab Reports

All of our products are manufactured using our distillate.

All products a legal hemp products and contain less than .3% delta 9 thc
All products are compliant with the 2018 farm bill

Delta 8 Lab Reports

Delta 8 Cartridge Grape Ape

Delta 8 Cartridge Zkittles

Delta 8 Northern Lights

Delta 8 Grand Daddy Purp

Delta 8 Sour Diesel

Delta 8 Green Crack

Delta 8 Durban Poison

Delta 8 Maui Wowie

Delta 8 Pineapple Express

Delta 8 AK 47

Delta 8 Blue Dream

Delta 8 Skywalker 

Delta 8 Disposable Grape Ape

Delta 8 Disposable Zkittles

Delta 8 Disposable Northern Lights

Delta 8 Disposable Grand Daddy Purp

Delta 8 Disposable Sour Diesel

Delta 8 Disposable Green Crack

Delta 8 Disposable Durban Poison

Delta 8 Disposable Maui Wowie

Delta 8 Disposable Pineapple Express

Delta 8 Disposable AK 47 

Delta 8 Disposable Blue Dream

Delta 8 Disposable Skywalker

Delta 8 Soft Gel

Delta 8 Lollipop Blue Raspberry

Delta 8 Lollipop Cherry

Delta 8 Lollipop Mango

Delta 8 Preroll Indica

Delta 8 Preroll Sativa

Delta 8 Preroll Hybrid

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Grape Ape

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Zkittles

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Northern Lights

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Grand Daddy Purp

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Sour Diesel

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Green Crack

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Durban Poison

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Maui Wowie

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Pineapple Express

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds AK 47

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Blue Dream

Delta 8 THC-O Diamonds Skywalker 

Delta 8 Lean Cotton Candy

Delta 8 Lean Grape

Delta 8 Lean Peach

D9 Gummies

Delta 10 THC Lab Reports

Delta 10 Cartridge Zkittles

Delta 10 Cartridge Blue Dream

Delta 10 Cartridge Grape Ape

Delta 10 Cartridge Sour Diesel

Delta 10 Cartridge Maui Wowie

Delta 10 Cartridge Pineapple Express

Delta 10 Cartridge Ak-47

Delta 10 Cartridge D10 Cartridge

Delta 10 Disposable Northern Lights

Delta 10 Disposable Grand Daddy Purple

Delta 10 Disposable Durban Poison

Delta 10 Disposable Maui Wowie

Delta 10 Disposable AK-47

Delta 10 Disposable Zkittles

Delta 10 Disposable Sour Diesel

Delta 10 Disposable Green Crack

Delta 10 Disposable Skywalker

Delta 10 Disposable Blue Dream

Delta 10 Disposable Pineapple Express

Delta 10 Disposable Grape Ape

Delta 10 Soft Gel 

D10 Distillate

THC-O Lab Reports

THC O – Distillate

THCO Cartridges Zkittles

THCO Cartridges Northern Lights

THCO Cartridges Grand Daddy Purple

THCO Cartridges Sour Diesel

THCO Cartridges Green Crack

THCO Cartridges Durban Poison

THCO Cartridges Maui Wowie

THCO Cartridges Pineapple Express

THCO Cartridges AK-47

THCO Cartridges Blue Dream

THCO Cartridges Skywalker

THCO Cartridges Grape Ape

THCO Disposable Northern Lights

THCO Disposable Grand Daddy Purp

THCO Disposable Sour Diesel

THCO Disposable Green Crack

THCO Disposable Durban Poison

THCO Disposable Maui Wowie

THCO Disposable Pineapple Express

THCO Disposable AK-47

THCO Disposable Blue Dream

THCO Disposable Skywalker

THCO Disposable Grape Ape

THCO Disposable Zkittles

THC-O Pre Roll

THC-O Soft Gel

HHC Lab Reports

HHC Distillate 

CBD Disposable SD

Delta 8 Clear Distillate SD

Delta 9 10mg SD

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate SD

HHC 25mg SD

THCO 25mg SD

THCO 50mg SD

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