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Will THC-O Acetate Show Up On A Drug Test?

THC-O Acetate is an artificial cannabinoid that has properties similar to Delta-9 THC. Even though it is not found naturally and is legal in many places, it can lead to a failed drug test. So if you are expecting to go through a drug test, don’t choose THC-O. If you want to know why this happens, we need to dig a little deeper. First, let’s find out what THC-O is.

What is THC-O?

THC-O is short for THC-O Acetate. This is an artificial cannabinoid that was created in a lab in the US somewhere around the mid-1900s. It was part of military-funded research for using THC as a non-lethal weapon to slow down or immobilize a victim. At the time, it was being tested on dogs.

How is it Made?

THC-O is usually made from THC extracted from Cannabis. However, since Delta-9 THC cannabis plants are illegal in many places, CBD from hemp is used instead. This Is then taken through one round of chemical reactions to convert the CBD into Delta-8 THC. This then becomes the parent THC for the THC-O Acetate, which is a prodrug for THC. The term prodrug refers to any compound that is a precursor to an active compound. The human body must metabolize the prodrug compound to release the active ingredient into the system. Pharmaceutical companies often take the prodrug route for convenient drug delivery or to avoid side effects.

In the case of THC-O, it helped researchers make the THC water-soluble, making it suitable to inject into their test subjects. There were some interesting side-effects observed. They are the main reason for THC-O’s newfound popularity.

How Does THC-O Affect the Body?

THC-O turned out to be much more potent than the parent THC. It creates an intense high feeling that is much stronger than regular Cannabis. It is also much more psychedelic than regular THC. It causes changes in how the brain perceives colors and brightness, causing strange visual effects in some users. It is not as strong as LSD or Psilocybin. Still, it is undoubtedly many notches above the gentle and mellow experiences associated with Delta-8 THC. To answer our present question about THC-O drug test failures, we need to look at how it leaves some telltale signs within the body post-consumption.

Why Does It Show Up On A Drug Test?

Even though THC-O is a manmade substance with no organic matter left, the active ingredient is still THC. As the body metabolizes THC, it creates an enzyme called THC-COOH. This simple enzyme helps use up the THC in the body but remains behind for days. While there is no specific THC-O Drug Test commonly used, Cannabis oriented drug tests work by detecting this enzyme in your body and flagging you positive for cannabis use.

THC-O acetate drug test
Does The Mode of Consumption Make A Difference?

It does not matter whether you eat an edible or vape it off a cartridge; THC-O will very likely make you fail a drug test. So if you are looking for something like pain relief, it is safer to stick to CBD but do your own research first. Especially if you are in an environment where passing a drug test is mandatory.

Is THC-O Safe?

THC-O is pretty safe to consume as it is simply THC in a different form. It is essential to get it from a good source, though. Since it is lab-made and cannot be found naturally, it is vital to find reliable and pure THC-O products. Also, remember that THC-O will slow your body down and dull your reflexes. So do not drive or operate heavy machinery. Just take some time out to sit in a calm, comfortable atmosphere and enjoy the experience.


THC-O is very likely to make you fail a drug test. It creates the same THC-related enzyme that the body uses to metabolize THC received from Cannabis use. So, drug tests will come out positive for cannabis use in most cases. If you are expecting to be tested, avoid consuming THC products and consult a physician before taking CBD. Unless the CBD product also contains THC in some form, you should be able to pass a drug test.

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